Pak Suzuki to only take bookings for 60 days delivery time

Pak Suzuki have decided some key things regarding the delivery policy of vehicles, the most notable are regarding the bookings’ delivery time and the price hold period. This new policy have been introduced by Suzuki keeping in view the public backlash and difficulties it and other auto manufacturers of Pakistan are facing with governmental organizations regarding the CKD kits imports. 60 day booking policy In past couple of years Pak Suzuki have been taking bookings of 3 to 4 months for lots of its vehicles, but now according to new 60 day booking policy, following terms will apply. Pak Suzuki will only take booking for next 60 days only, if they do not have capacity to deliver a vehicle in […]

Car prices to rise again very soon in Pakistan

Last time in the very beginning of August 2022, United States Dollar (USD) hit its top against Pakistani Rupee (PKR). At that time USD was valued at Rs 240.30 in transactions involving exchange of currency. By than almost all car manufacturers had increased their selling prices of Cars by a percentage starting from 14% to 25% in PKR. But later when International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced the confirmation of deal to resume the bailout plan, PKR again started rising in value to the point that it hit Rs. 113 against USD in Interbank at one point. Now after Rupee Regained its value, most of the auto manufacturers with few exceptions reduced their prices to compensate. However, this reduction was not […]

Car Prices Reduced in new Pakistan Auto Policy 2021, here are full details of Policy

Government of Pakistan have the announced the new auto and export policy 2021. There are few main purposes of this auto policy which include, brining the ever rising car prices down for end consumer, encouraging the auto makers to produce new cars in Pakistan instead of importing and selling from the abroad and finally, encouraging the auto manufacturers to not only meet the demand of local auto market but also encourage them to make extra vehicles and export them. The new Pakistani auto policy of 2021 is appropriately named the “Pakistan Auto Development and Export Policy 2021”, it is overall 2nd auto policy of the country. First one was introduced in 2016 by PML-N led government and that too had […]