Akcent’s Concert in Lahore Pakistan on 26th of February 2012

Akcent have their concert coming up in Lahore Pakistan which is scheduled for 26th of February 2012. They have recently dropped their Islamabad Pakistan concert which was scheduled for 20th of Feb 2012. Islamabad concert was canceled due to some administrative issues but the Lahore concert is still on and Akcent will still perform in Lahore, Pakistan on 26th February, 2012 in Lahore. Akcent on their blog site have mentioned about the Lahore concert as follows Dear friends, The 26th February is the new date for LAHORE concert. Looking forward to see you all there and have a great show together ! Akcent Akcent previously was scheduled to visit Pakistan in January but due to some administrative reasons they had […]

Akcent’s Islamabad concert is canceled for now

Akcent had concert scheduled for 20th Feb 2012 in Islamabad but now latest and authentic news is that its officially canceled. For people who don’t know, Akcent is a Romanian music band which are also singing the English songs from after 2006. Recently they have been doing some real good English albums which got popular all over the world. They have been to Pakistan and done their concerts in Karachi and Lahore. They were for the first time going to do a concert in Islamabad on the 20th of Feb but that is officially canceled. They told they were not resposable for this cancelation. They said and i quote we are sad to¬†announce that the concert from Islamabad is official […]