Pakistan – Use ATM Carefully

It is observed that street crimes are now increasing also in Pakistan. But with the advancement of technology the criminals some times now leave stuff behind, which can be used to get to them in future. I wish our police get efficient enough to catch these black fishes.

Similarly over the recent past two robberies at two different ATM were captured by the security cam and were became popular on internet. One of the video was also aired via tv channel and I am sure same would have been the case for second but not sure about.

Here at infoPakistan we have also decided to publish these videos in our crime category and the sole purpose behind that is firstly to make people aware about this kind of crime so next time they use ATM they look for the safe place and safe time to withdraw money.  Second reason was to make these videos popular enough so that more and more people get able to see em including the people who know the criminals and may be this way lives of those criminals may become hell. When next time you see any person you seen in these videos don’t hesitate informing police about it without thinking that they will be honest in taking the appropriate  action.

Note. This section earlier contained couple of videos of people being robbed inside while they were inside to withdraw money. However, unfortunately, those videos have been removed from youtube platform, so we have to replace this section with this text, instead of those two old videos. But overall post is still valid and the point that ultimate care and vigilance should be practiced when withdrawing money from ATMs, is also still very much valid. Same is the reason, we are keeping this article intact.

The nations who claim to be most civilized nations of the world, even they have crime ratio much more than us, crime is always there in the societies, the required thing is that all of us have to play our part in spotting out the dirty elements and the dirty fishes who are spoiling the whole water and causing danger to innocents lives around.

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