Iqbal day holiday announced in Pakistan for 9th of Nov 2023

In a latest development government of Pakistan have decided to give holiday on 9th of November 2023. Holidays being given for the Iqbal day. Iqbal day was an old holiday which used to be given for a long time but it was discontinued later on. After laps of several years government of Pakistan had restored this holiday in 2022.

In accordance to the Iqbal day holiday restoration decision of 2022, the cabinet division have notified the holiday for 9th of November 2023.  According to the latest decision all the educational institutions including schools, colleges and Universities as well as the offices of the public and private companies, banks etc will remain closed on Thursday, November 9, 2023 to remember the great poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal who first realized that a separate country for Muslims of subcontinent of India is critical. The holiday have been notified and a digital copy of the notification is as follows.

The above notifications was the issued by the government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Division. This Iqbal Day holiday was suspended since 2015. Last year the Prime Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif had restored the holiday on Iqbal day, which falls on 9th of November every year. Now this year the caretaker government have just continued to give the holiday on this date.

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