Hilarious decrease in price of CNG

As recently Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had increased the price of CNG by Rs. 8 on December 30th 2011.  That triggered the strike from the CNG association as well as from the pubic transport unions. One other reason was closure of CNG for more than half a week each week so public transporters were not being able to get tanks filled.

Yesterday after success of the dialog between CNG Association/Transporters and OGRA, OGRA with other measures taken also had told transporters/CNG Association that they will decrease the price soon.

Today this hilarious decision came from OGRA, which is that price of CNG have been decreased 36 Paisas.  As just few days back the price was increased by 8 Rs, decrease of 36 Paisas is only  4,5% of recent increase and is less than 0.5 percent of price of CNG.

This price decrease of 0.36 Paisas is like current government is kidding their people by putting OGRA in front. Also no justification was given about why per KG price is increased by 8 Rs and why its decreased by only 4.5 Paisas.

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