Higher education now in trouble in Pakistan

When it comes to the cost cutting, there are certain things you can’t compromise on. Now in Pakistan the current ruling party is cutting costs on higher education. Only 15.8 billion allocated for education the requirement was to have 19 billion in addition to current allocation. This is not it, the real insult to injury comes in with the fact that for now just 1.4 billion have been allocated.

This risks the futures of 7000 PHD students who are studying in side country and 5000 those PHD students who are foreign scholarships. The public sector universities are also running low on the resources. The employees already demanding the 50% salary increments which is not possible with current situation.

Also 72 public sector universities are soon to go on strike regarding the issue, which further risks the futures of hundreds of thousands of students continuing their studies in these universities.

Quality education is only thing which ensures the brighter future of a country and  a country like Pakistan desperately needs it. The time when the education budget had to be increased, current administration of country have started cost cutting on it.

This is just one example of lousy management skills of current administration, there are many areas where they have to rethink their stratifies or have to built strategies.  God bless Pakistan and put it in those hands who are very much capable to put the country back on track to prosperity and brilliant future.

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