KPK announces six Eid ul Fitr holidays in year 2023

Eid ul Fitr (Eid al-fitr) is just round the corner. It is one of biggest religious festival/occasion for muslims. So across the world the muslims enjoy three or more holidays on this occasion, specially in the countries where muslims are in majority as per population is concerned. Pakistan is also one such country, here too we usually enjoy three to four holidays of eid, sometimes they become five after joining in the weekend holidays. However, this time, in 2023 federal as the provincial governments are being generous when it comes to eid holidays. In a recent move, the Government of KPK have announced total six holidays for Eid ul Fitr. The Eid ul Fitr holidays in KPK will start from […]

Five Eid ul Fitr holidays in 2023 by Govt of Pakistan

Eid ul Fitr is just round the corner, it is one of the couple of occasion here in Pakistan, where people get most holidays in a year. However, this time Eid ul Fitr brings much more fun and joy for the students and workers of Pakistan, as Govt have announced 5 days holiday for Eid ul Fitr instead of usual 3 to 4 days. So, the holidays will start from Friday, April 21, 2023 and will go up to Tuesday, April 25, 2023, which makes it full five days of holiday. According to this holiday schedule, everything will reopen again on Wednesday, April 26, 2023. The Ministry of Interior have announced the details of these holidays which are to be […]

Office and Bank Holidays in Pakistan for year 2023

In the today’s busy life, many consider a holiday a blessing. It is not that they want to run away from work but the holidays give us the opportunity to spend time with family, plan a trip and it is especially good for offsetting some of work stress. Pakistan is a country, which was once called a holidays heaven, it still is for the education sector, the students and teachers. For others, especially the people working in offices and banks, things have changed. They get less opportunities of the day off now, throughout the year. In the past there were many days, which used to be holidays but were changed to work days later on. Lots of debate can be […]