Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution full text in English and Urdu

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Takmeel-e-Pakistan resolution was infact the start of Takmeel-e-Pakistan movement which was initiated by Zaid Hamid and the resolution was passed on 23rd March, 2010. Intentions are to remind people about achieving back the real honor and dignity for our country and us as we meant to have. In my opinion it does not come up with anything new, the constants are already the part of Pakistan Ideology but I consider it as a good reminder to achieve back which this country is meant to have. This actually reminds us Pakistanis to wake up now and work towards the betterment of country and its people, including choosing the right people to lead us.

We had previously discussed the Takmeel-e-Pakistan here and for now full text of the resolution in English and Urdu are as follows

Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution English Version
Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution English Version - Image Credit: takmeel.pk
Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution Urdu Version
Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution Urdu Version - Image Credit: takmeel.pk

No matter what anyone thinks of this resolution but contents are real thought provoking, motivational and put us back to work.

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Takmeel-e-Pakistan resolution by Zaid Hamid in Lahore on 23rd March

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Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution, Flag and HorizonA new resolution called Takmeel-e-Pakistan proposed by Zaid Hamid is going to be passed on same place, the Minar-e-Pakistan where 70 years back Pakistan resolution was passed and resulted in the current existence of Pakistan as a country on world map.

The idea is that Takmeel-e-Pakistan resolution will be initiating the Takmeel-e-Pakistan movement which will come up with a new struggle to lead the country towards the achievement and the true essence of those purposed which Pakistan as a country had to achieve.

This resolution comes up with the vision to work only and only for the country to make Pakistan the greatest country of the world. Apparently it demands us to analyze things regarding why as a nation Pakistan is having bad times, why we are unstable at the moment, why instead of rising on map of world we are being pushed backwards and then after we have all our reasons start the struggle to rise on the map of world.

The resolution insists on the struggle to regain our lost Honor and Dignity that we were suppose to have. Also it insist on the struggle to make the Pakistan the country which Iqbal and the founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah had envision.

I personally loved the idea of Takmeel-e-Pakistan as it at least makes us think that there are things which are on wrong track, things which need to be fixed once and for all. It was good idea because it come with thought and reminds everyone once again that there is some role that every one have to play once again for their country to regain the honor.

Hope on the D-day it does not come as a bunch of wishes but also brings up a road map which one can follow or at least the solid points with reasoning on what is wrong and how it can be fixed. Overall it is just a reminder for everyone to keep putting your efforts to lead your country to the path which goes towards the prosperity and not the one which leads to the spot where our sovereignty is in question.

I am seeing this initiation of Takmeel-e-Pakistan struggle as a new horizon which leads the country to be the best in the world in all fields.

Following is the video that was released officially and tells you more about this resolution.

A specially website have also been launched in connection to this campaign and that can be reached at www.takmeel.pk

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