Process to get driving license goes simple and paperless

On the instructions of IG Punjab, the process to get the driving license have been simplified. Previously, the process was very hectic and involved lots of documents including the tickets from Post Office. Now however, finally someone woke up and realized that in the twenty-first century when everything is computerized, there is no need to keep the complications in the process unnecessarily. Now to get the driving license from the Punjab govt, one does not need any other document other than the CNIC (National Identity Card). You can just visit any Khidmat Markaz office with your CNIC and driving license fee, pass the test and file for the driving license. Literally, no other document needed, also no need to fill […]

How to renew or get driving license in minimum time in Punjab Pakistan

Recently I have gone through the process of renewing my driving license from Rawalpindi Traffic Police office. During the process, I took time and tried to figure out how can this process be followed in a way that in minimum time one can renew or get new license. One thing is important here, although I had gone through the process of getting my driving license renewed, however, in same queues there were people who were following exact same process to get new driving license. So basically, the process of renewing driving license is exactly same as process of getting new license, after the driving license test have been passed. Also, although I have followed the process in Rawalpindi Office, the […]