Another web design masterpiece from Pakistani Government sector

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Labeled screen shot of using Chrome Web Browser
Labeled screen shot of using Chrome Web Browser

Above screen shot is of national savings organization which is the most visited website of all of sites from the Pakistan government sector. But seems like this site was once designed years ago and seems like the people who are responsible to update the website are even not able to keep up with that old design and updates are being added the bad way.

Starting with the menu items the highlighted links which are added at bottom even don’t match to the ones which were part of original design of website. Also seems like the people responsible are too lazy to check the website for cross browser problems, as you can see the broken round corner.

Then comes the search field, I am not sure how well this search field works but one will ask, where on earth the search button is. This website seriously needs redesign but if in case they are getting lazy on this at least thing must be updated in correct manner.

Recently same website offered to its users a new feature which allows to create an account then enter all your prize bond numbers and site will automatically notify the users if have won any prize in the certain draw. Now as they are not able to take care of the interface stuff who on earth is going to believe their prize notification mechanism.

This is not the story of single website from government sector, most of those websites are coming with such problems which shows still how for granted the work is taken in our government sector. Secondly hope someone sees this posts and is active enough to go fix some things. These are all the websites being visited from around the world and if you will have such childish problems in those sites what message you are giving to the world, how behind we are from the world when it comes to technology. This reminds me of nothing but the stone age.