Roadmap from Islamabad to Khewra, Map from Lahore to Khewra

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Are you planning a round trip to Khewra from anywhere in Pakistan? Well this map will help you reach the correct place. So don’t forget to take a print with you.

Roadmap from Islamabad or Lahore to Khewra

From Islamabad or Lahore you can use three ways.

– First the motorway M2 then exit from motorway at Kalar Kahar interchange and follow the Map to the Khewra Salt Mines.

– Second get on Islamabad to Lahore GT road, exit the GT road from Mandara, go to Chakwal and follow the Map to Khewra. Its about 40 KM from Chakwal.

– Third Exit the Islamabad Lahore GT road at Jehlam and follow the Map to Khewra Salt Mines.

If you are going from Islamabad, use First or Second one. If you are coming from Lahore side, use the First or Third one.