Earth Quake shakes the northern Pakistan

About at 7:48 am 24 Jan 2011 an earth quake shaken the northern Pakistan. Cities include Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Attock, Malakund as well as Khyber agency. According to initial information on Rector Scale the magnitude of this earth quake was 6.3. The epicenter of Quake is told near chitral in the country of Tajikistan and the depth was 69 KMs. With the shallow depth the Quake can be much more destructive. In 2005 an earth quake in same region had taken lives of thousands in Pakistan and lots more were forced to flee. That Earth quake was of shallow depth with 7.3 at rector scale. Few days ago the southern Pakistan witnessed an Earth Quake of 7.4. This was entirely […]