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constitution of pakistanConstitution of Pakistan is supreme law of Pakistan, which makes the boundaries and borders clear, talks about the people of Pakistan and their fundamental rights. Constitution of Pakistan also talks about the establishment of state’s institutions, armed forces as well as the parliaments houses including the ones in provinces.

It was formed in 1973 and being used on as it is bases except a small number of minor amendments which were done over the years right from 1973. Law defines the role of Islam in the state, sharing of power between federal and provinces and talks about the roles of President and prime minister of Pakistan. Over the time law was modified which somehow been affecting mostly the powers of President, for example, the last related amendment grabs away the power of dissolving the national assembly from the president. This was done due to alleged misuse of this section by previous presidents of the country.

Recently, we have put an effort to the constitution available online and you can reach to it here: Constitution of Pakistan. We have the vision to make it more interactive so that you can easily reach to whatever you are searching for. You can give your feedback below in comments.

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Opposition thinks constitution now in response to Qadri’s long march initiative

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opposition thinking constitutionA private meeting of opposition parties is being held in leadership of PML-N Chairman and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif where all so called well wishers of country now decided that whatever Qadri is up to, is unconstitutional. Big names like Molana Fazal-ur-Rehman are also into this with Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif along with several other so called political leaders.

I am not Qadri fan but these opposition leaders are same people who have been talking about the corruptions of government from years but have not done anything yet. A man (Qadri) suddenly stands and leads people to capital wishing a positive change, now why are these so against him right now. Why they suddenly now remember the constitution of country which in fact have less to do with long march. Freedom of speech and speaking of rights is non-constitutional, I guess that is what they are saying right now.

Not only this, Nawaz sharif gone forward and given his own 10 demands to government, so I am this is ridicules that when Qadri gives demands its deemed as unconstitutional and Nawaz’s demands are constitutional.

I understand the issue now, whole issue is, after watching the success (in numbers) of this long march now these opposition leaders are now thinking why they didn’t did this, why they didn’t lead this long march to capital city. They are regretting why they were not in streamline, why Qadri getting so much support. So, seems like they are thinking if they would have done this, this would have been a big publicity stunt for them but things worked out for someone else here.

Also Imran Khan and Pervez Musharraf, both of them have somehow endorsed the long march. Obviously, both of them are not very dear to Nawaz in historic and futuristic perspective, so under PML-N’s leadership whole opposition is now against the voice of people who gathered in Islamabad on call of Tahir-Al-Qadri.

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