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Article 265: Title of Constitution and commencement

1. This Constitution shall be known as the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

2. Subject to clauses (3) and (4), the Constitution shall come into force on the fourteenth day of August, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three or on such earlier day as the President may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint, in the Constitution referred to as the "commencing day."

3. The Constitution shall, to the extent necessary-

a. for the constitution of the first Senate;

b. for the first meeting of a House or a joint sitting to be held;

c. for the election of the President and the Prime Minister to be held; and

d. to enable any other thing to be done which, for the purposes of the Constitution, it is necessary to do before the commencing day, come into force upon the enactment of the Constitution, but the person elected as President or Prime Minister shall not enter upon his office before the commencing day.

4. Where by the Constitution a power is conferred to make rules or to issue orders with respect to the enforcement of any provision thereof, or with respect to the establishment of any Court or office, or the appointment of any Judge or office thereunder, or with respect to the person by whom, or the time when, or the place where, or the manner in which, anything is to be done under any such provisions, then that power may be exercised at any time between the enactment of the Constitution and its commencement.

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