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Article 24: Protection of property rights

1. No person shall be compulsorily deprived of his property save in accordance with law.

2. No property shall be compulsorily acquired or taken possession of save for a public purpose, and save by the authority of law which provides for compensation therefore and either fixes the amount of compensation or specifies the principles on and the manner in which compensation is to be determined and given.

3. Nothing in this Article shall affect the validity of-

a. any law permitting the compulsory acquisition or taking possession of any property for preventing danger to life, property or public health; or

b. any law permitting the taking over of any property which has been acquired by, or come into the possession of, any person by any unfair means, or in any manner, contrary to law; or

c. any law relating to the acquisition, administration or disposal of any property which is or is deemed to be enemy property or evacuee property under any law (not being property which has ceased to be
evacuee property under any law); or

d. any law providing for the taking over of the management of any property by the State for a limited period, either in the public interest or in order to secure the proper management of the property, or for
the benefit of its owner; or

e. any law providing for the acquisition of any class of property for the purpose of-

i. providing education and medical aid to all or any specified class of citizens; or                                   ii. providing housing and public facilities and services such as roads, water supply, sewerage, gas and electric power to all or any specified class of citizens; or                                                                          iii. providing maintenance to those who, on account of unemployment, sickness, infirmity or old age, are unable to maintain themselves; or

f. any existing law or any law made in pursuance of Article 253.

4. The adequacy or otherwise of any compensation provided for by any such law as is referred to in this Article, or determined in pursuance thereof, shall not be called in question in any court.

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