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Article 203E: Powers and Procedure of the Court

1. For the purposes of the performance of its functions, the Court shall have the powers of a civil court trying
a suit under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (Act V of 1908), in respect of the following matters, namely:-

a. summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person and examining him on oath;

b. requiring the discovery and production of any document;

c. receiving evidence on affidavits; and

d. issuing commissions for the examination of witnesses or documents.

2. The Court shall have power to conduct its proceedings and regulate its procedure in all respects as it deems fit.

3. The Court shall have the power of a High Court to punish its own contempt.

4. A party to any proceedings before the Court under clause (1) of Article 203D may be represented by a legal practitioner who is a Muslim and has been enrolled as an advocate of a High Court for a period of not less than five years or as an advocate of the Supreme Court or by a jurisconsult selected by the party from out of a panel of jurisconsults maintained by the Court for the purpose.

5. For being eligible to have his name borne on the panel of jurisconsults referred to in clause (4), a person shall be an Aalim who, in the opinion of the Court, is well-versed in Shariat.

6. A legal practitioner or jurisconsult representing a party before the Court shall not plead for the party but shall state, expound and interpret the Injunctions of Islam relevant to the proceedings so far as may be known to him and submit to the Court a written statement of his interpretation of such Injunctions
of Islam.

7. The Court may invite any person in Pakistan or abroad whom the Court considers to be well-versed in Islamic law to appear before it and render such assistance as may be required of him.

8. No court fee shall be payable in respect of any petition or application made to the Court under Article 203D.

9. The Court shall have power to review any decision given or order made by it.

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