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Article 200: Transfer of High Court Judges

1. The President may transfer a Judge of a High Court from one High Court to another High Court, but no Judge shall be so transferred except with his consent and after consultation by the President with the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Chief Justices of both High Courts.

Explanation.- In this Article, "Judge" does not include a Chief Justice but includes a Judge for the time being acting as Chief Justice of a High Court other than a Judge of the Supreme Court acting as such in pursuance of a request made under paragraph (b) of Article 196.

2. Where a Judge is so transferred or is appointed to an office other than the principal seat of the High Court, he shall, during the period for which he serves as a judge of the High Court to which he is transferred, or holds such other office, be entitled to such allowances and privileges, in addition to his salary, as the President may, by Order, determine.

3. If at any time it is necessary for any reason to increase temporarily the number of Judges of a High Court, the Chief Justice of that Court may require a Judge of any other High Court to attend sittings of the former High Court for such period as may be necessary and, while so attending the sittings of the High Court,
the Judge shall have the same power and jurisdiction as a Judge of that High Court.

Provided that a Judge shall not be so required except with his consent and the approval of the President and after consultation with the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Chief Justice of the High Court of which he is a Judge.

Explanation.- In this Article, "High Court" includes a Bench of a High Court.

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