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Article 157: Electricity

1. The Federal Government may in any Province construct or cause to be constructed hydro-electric or thermal power installations or grid stations for the generation of electricity and lay or cause to be laid inter-provincial transmission lines:

Provided that the Federal Government, prior to taking a decision to construct or cause to be constructed, hydro-electric power stations in any Province, shall consult the Provincial Government concerned.; and

2. The Government of a Province may-

a. to the extent electricity is supplied to that Province from the national grid, require supply to be made in bulk for transmission and distribution within the Province:

b. levy tax on consumption of electricity within the Province;

c. construct power houses and grid stations and lay transmission lines for use within the Province; and

d. determine the tariff for distribution of electricity within the Province.

3. In case of any dispute between the Federal Government and a Provincial Government in respect of any matter under this Article, any of the said Governments may move the Council of Common Interests for resolution of the dispute.

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