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Article 121: Expenditure charged upon Provincial Consolidated Fund

The following expenditure shall be expenditure charged upon the Provincial Consolidated Fund:

a. the remuneration payable to the Governor and other expenditure relating to his office, and the remuneration payable to :-

i. the Judges of the High Court; and

ii. the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Provincial Assembly;

b. the administrative expenses, including the remuneration payable to officers and servants, of the High Court and the Secretariat of the Provincial Assembly;

c. all debt charges for which the Provincial Government is liable, including interest, sinking fund charges, the repayment or amortisation of capital, and other expenditure in connection with the raising of loans, and the service and redemption of debt on the security of the Provincial Consolidation Fund;

d. any sums required to satisfy any judgment, decree or award against the Province by any Court or tribunal; and

e. any other sums declared by the Constitution or by Act of the Provincial Assembly to be so charged.

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