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Article 106: Constitution of Provincial Assemblies

1. Each Provincial Assembly shall consist of general seats and seats reserved for women and
non-Muslims as specified herein below.

        General Seats     Women     Non-Muslims      Total

Balochistan                               51               11                  3                   65

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa               99               22                  3                   124

Punjab                                     297              66                  8                   371

Sindh                                       130              29                  9                  168

2. A person shall be entitled to vote if-

a. he is a citizen of Pakistan;

b. he is not less than eighteen years of age;

c. his name appears on the electoral roll for any area in the Province; and

d. he is not declared by a competent court to be of unsound mind.

3. For the purpose of election to a Provincial Assembly,-

a. the constituencies for the general seats shall be single member territorial constituencies and the members to fill such seats shall be elected by direct and free vote;

b. each Province shall be a single constituency for all seats reserved for women and non-Muslims allocated to the respectivem Provinces under clause (1);

c. the members to fill seats reserved for women and non-Muslims allocated to a Province under clause (1) shall be elected in accordance with law through proportional representation system of political parties' lists of candidates on the basis of the total number of general seats secured by each political party in the Provincial Assembly.

Provided that for the purpose of this sub-clause, the total number of general seats won by a political party shall include the independent returned candidate or candidates who may duly join such political party within three days of the publication in the official Gazette of the names of the returned candidates.

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