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Article 105: Governor to act on advice, etc

1. Subject to the Constitution, in the performance of his functions, the Governor shall act on and in accordance with the advice of the Cabinet, or the Chief Minister. Provided that within fifteen days the Governor may require the Cabinet or, as the case may be, the Chief Minister to reconsider such advice, whether generally or otherwise, and the Governor shall 60[, within ten days, act in accordance with the advice tendered after such reconsideration.

2. The question whether any, and if so what, advice was tendered to the Governor by the Chief Minister or the Cabinet shall not be inquired into in, or by, any court, tribunal or other authority.(3) Where the Governor dissolves the Provincial Assembly, notwithstanding anything contained in clause (1), he shall,-

a. appoint a date, not later than ninety days from the date of dissolution, for the holding of a general election to the Assembly; and

b. appoint a care-taker Cabinet.

4. 62[***]

5. The provisions of clause (2) of Article 48 shall have effect in relation to a Governor as if reference therein to "President" were reference to "Governor".

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